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Update A Bathroom In An Afternoon

If your bathroom is less than glamourous, you may not know where to start when it comes to your bathroom makeover. Of course, you want it to be affordable, but sometimes it’s hard to look beyond the outdated fixtures and colors.

Thankfully, our friends at MyFixItUpLife are here to show us how. In this video, they take on a few projects that transforms this outdated bathroom into a room that’s chic and beautiful. From updating your cabinetry to adding a few colorful curtains, see how they transformed this old bathroom.


Tech Savvy

If there’s one room in the house where innovation has changed the way we use it, it’s the kitchen. From connected cooking to smart appliances, there seems to be a gadget for everything in the kitchen. Incorporate some of the new kitchen technologies this year and create a more connected home. Here are a few you may find useful:

  • Genican is a garbage can that scans barcodes as you throw them away, adding those items to your digital grocery list.
  • The Smart Crock Pot is connected to WeMo home automation so you can control temperature and cook time from your smart phone.
  • Various oven brands now have features allowing you to control settings from your smartphone.
  • Whirlpool now offers a dishwasher model that connects to Amazon Dash that will order detergent refills when needed.

Excellence in Tile and Stone Installation

Crafting excellence is never an easy thing to do but with the help of a team that focuses on being the best through hard work, commitment, and attention to detail, you will be satisfied. KR Tile & Stone is a company that has the right mindset, being around since 1998. Through time everyone begins to develop and gain qualities that separate themselves from the rest. KR Tile & Stone has a very strong foundation with a system in place, helping every single client reach a certain goal or become informed on anything a client may be confused by. Competitors will talk about how they are the best when in reality every company is different, as they may be specializing in different things and may have different equipment to perform the services you need. Therefore, KR Tile & Stone shouldn’t be judged in any way because they have proven to live up to all of their client’s expectations.

In the city of Los Angeles there are over three million people, meaning that thousands of people are home owners. Every single person that buys a home may not be purchasing a brand new home and may have something that’s outdated. Yes, it’s easy ignore the little details of your home but if you really do pay attention to what can be done, your home can become a huge attraction. Be proud of owning a home and acquire excellence with KR Tile & Stone today.


When You Buy Doormats

When mud, dust and dirt began to track into your home, you start feeing irritated. When they choose doormats, most of the people consider only colour. However, there are thousands of other things also that need to be taken care of to get the best deal. Washable door mats that are easy to maintain and hence they have become a popular choice. Whether the mats are to be laid on the hard floor or on the carpet, or they have to be rubber backed or vinyl backed are the few considerations.

When Doormats Are to be Placed on the Carpet?

When you place these mats on the carpet, you should choose the one that does not creep. The best types of doormats are the ones that have gripper or cleated back. These are like the little nodules that are placed on the back of mats and build the grip. This prevents the movement.

When they are to be placed on Hard Floors?

When this is the case, a smooth back is the perfect solution. For the smooth floors, a rubber back is preferred over vinyl back because it offers a better grip that prevents the movement of the mat. Rubber back is heavier and it helps the mat to lay flat on the floor. This prevents the slipping and tripping accidents.

The pile that the door mats are constructed from is of great importance. It should be able to absorb moisture from the wet footwear. The construction of the pile should be such that it should be able to remove and trap debris from the traffic. Twist pile is more effective in absorbing moisture.


Read the Instructions Clearly Before Use:

You need to read the instructions carefully, to clean these mats. Some of the mats are machine washable while there are others which are suitable to the extraction cleaner and hose off.

You need to be careful about the thickness of Mat:

Quality door mats are not so thick but they are constructed from the right materials to remove the dirt and dust from the shoes and can absorb moisture.

Choosing the right mat gives you the best value for your money. Green doormats in the UK are placed beside the lawns and gardens or in an area where they can blend well.