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Like charges repel, opposites attract, like in real life, or at least paula abdul songs. So when one atom is attracted to another, just like edward cullen and bella in chemistry class, to use a slightly more timely reference, it gets stressed out by the attractive force and tries to relieve the stress by getting closer. Lithium metal Fluorine nonmetal. Requires a lot of heat energy to separate ions and make solid crystal melt. In this way, atoms are a lot like us. The pull is so strong that the stress level or energy rises when the two are separated, so they stay close. None of the content above is actually owned by our website, it's just a transcript of the video provided above served for your convenience.

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They are attracted to each other, which means energy is required to keep them apart, which means that they're gonna bond if they can, creating that oh-so-wonderful point of minimum energy.

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